JDVC is the Philippines first large scale offshore mining company that focuses primary on magnetite (Fe3O4) mining which has an area of 1,902.59-hectare or 19,025,939-square meter area located 14 kilometers offshore from the municipality of Gonzaga, province of Cagayan.

The Difference between Offshore Mining and Onshore Mining

The difference between offshore mining and onshore mining is that offshore mining is done thru the use of environmentally safe and ecologically balanced siphoning vessel with advanced technology system of mining minerals under the sea. Siphon vessel system have been successfully used in Japan, New Zealand and in Indonesia for the last several decade with no published negative effect to the environment. On the other hand, onshore mining involves heavy earth movements by extraction equipment like bulldozers, pay loaders, dump trucks, backhoes and the like that are usually done in the mountainous areas that causes environmental situation and ecological imbalances.


Firm to explore for black sand

BY LEANDER C. DOMINGO, TMT ON APRIL 23, 2018 TUGUEGARAO CITY, Cagayan: A national government-sanctioned mining company is gearing up for initial exploration activities off Cagayan waters to see the possibility of extracting black sand or magnetite near three coastal towns in the province. Napoleon de Leon Jr., JDVC Resources Corp. president, however, said the company […]

Excerpt from the confirmation hearing of DENR Sec. Gina Lopez

Sec. Gina Lopez said “I in fact sir I would ask them to look into ah, I have been told that there is a way of mining which uses magnets which gets the minerals and then you don’t kill the ecology” Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4w_EYSZe0I#t=51m40s

DZMM interview of Sec. Gina Lopez

Sec Gina Lopez stated in her interview in DZMM that “there is some mining that is acceptable… there is another mining that uses magnets, you put the magnets in a pail and the magnets attract the minerals.” Source: https://www.facebook.com/dzmmteleradyo/videos/10154594544764620/?__mref=message_bubble

Apollo Global deal paves way for miner’s backdoor listing

Posted on February 21, 2017 APOLLO GLOBAL Capital, Inc. is taking over miner JDVC Resources Corp. in a transaction that will result in the latter’s listing on the Philippine Stock Exchange through the backdoor. The top view of the trading floor at the Philippine Stock Exchange is seen in this photo — BW FILE PHOTO […]